The strength and potential of anything or anyone is relative to its foundation. This is as true for a leader as it is for an organization, a political system, a house or a skyscraper.

Our political system for example no longer seems to be based on  the foundation of of selflessly serving the greater good.
Many executives appear to operate from empty values of money and materialism.

It is time to insist that contribution to the bottom line is balanced with contribution to the lives and livelihoods of others.

A take no prisoners, make the numbers work at any cost business model has an inherently weak foundation. It is based on money which actually has no intrinsic value outside of its relationship to serving humanity. We have seen the damage wrought by a financially driven business model that leaves people in the dust.

Our world desperately needs leaders who know what they stand for and what is truly meaningful; leaders who are good and do good.

The future will be defined by the character and conduct of our leaders. It starts with the individual leader. What do you stand for? What are your guiding principles?

I have a leadership value clarification on my website;…
Please help yourself and let others know about it. Let’s get back to the basics and build a future that showed us to be leaders of purpose and benevolence.

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Betty Shotton is a nationally recognized leadership author and motivational speaker. With a lifetime of experience as a CEO and Entrepreneur, she is passionate about the responsibility and opportunity that leadership has to create a magnificent future. Her audiences are inspired to seek broader perspectives and climb to higher altitudes as they face challenging and volatile business & economic climates. Her most requested presentations are A Journey to Exceptional Leadership, Defying Gravity & High Altitude Leadership. You can see her in action on YouTube ( She blogs ( and writes. "Liftoff Leadership, 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership", her first book, sold out in 18 months. She is working on her next. Visit her website www.liftoffleadership; it is loaded with leadership resources. She welcomes your interest via FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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  1. Mark Eames says:

    I am glad to see so many more voices calling for leadership with a conscience. Whether current leaders actually have the courage to do anything about it is another story, but we can certainly influence the leaders of tomorrow!

    As a Management Consultant, I have spent time in many different businesses. Recently whilst working for a large family owned organisation in South Africa, I was struck by their culture. They genuinely cared for their staff and it showed in many aspects of their business. It certainly cannot be an attribute of all family owned organisations but it did go to show if one treats staff like family (i.e. lead with more than the financial bottom line in mind), amazing things happen!

    Good luck with your book!!

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