The story continues. Banks and investment firms put their own interests and wealth accumulation  before the needs of their clients and customers. Despite public outrage at the reckless and self serving behavior that has unfortunately come to characterize many at the helm of our country’s largest financial institutions, the behavior continues on. Congress and the Administration appear to be unable or unwilling to put checks and balances back into a system that allows it to take excessive risks for personal and company gain with the promise of tax payer bailouts. To add insult to injury, this indecisiveness might well be due to strings attached to campaign donations in an election year.

Sorry Mr  Client, Customer,Investor!

Thanks to those who have the courage and the integrity to stand up for what is right and speak their truth regardless of the consequences. Recently Greg Smith quit Goldman Sachs and spoke up for the values that should be upheld by those institutions in which millions entrust their money. Here is his Op-Ed piece in the NY Times.

I hope that Greg Smith’s voice is heard and helps to increase the public’s awareness of the damage being done by many seemingly untouchable financial titans whose self serving interests have wrecked havoc on Americans.

The chance of another 2007 meltdown is still there because not enough has changed in the trading of derivatives and other speculative investments that buoy individual and company balance sheets while leaving pension funds and thousands of other investors hanging.

Fundamental to our lives and our work are the values that guide us. Courage, integrity, accountability, altruism, faith; all powerful motivators for successful endeavors. When these and other values that provide meaning to humanity are ignored and over ridden by greed, collapse is inevitable.

While we wait and watch another meltdown due in part to a lack of morality and ethics, each of us can uphold those values that we know to be of great personal importance in living a life that makes a positive difference to mankind.

I know that for me, I want to walk away from my life with the knowledge that I truly cared about people, and our planet and that I did my best to make a difference in the lives of others.


To get in touch with your finest attributes and fundamental values take the Liftoff Leadership Value Clarification checklist exercise; here it is:

Remember what is good and true and let those concepts guide you.


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