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What’s Up with Leadership (lack of) in Washington?

Two key principles for effective leadership are missing from the cast of elected characters in Washington: authenticity and altruism. Authenticity : Human beings intuitively sense when someone is superficial; saying something that sounds good but disguises underlying truths. From listening to the rhetoric of … Read More


The strength and potential of anything or anyone is relative to its foundation. This is as true for a leader as it is for an organization, a political system, a house or a skyscraper. Our political system for example no longer seems … Read More

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Follow Your Heartbreak: Liftoff Leadership response to David Brook’s Op-Ed NYTimes May 30 “It’s Not About You”

LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP Betty Shotton North Carolina May 31st, 2011 1:14 pm NYTimes Op-ED David Brooks Over the past few weeks, America’s colleges have sent another classof graduates off into the world. These graduates possess something of inestimable value. Nearly every … Read More

The future of Aviation in North Carolina

I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the annual conference for the North Carolina Association of Airport Executives. Led by organizational President Mark Wiebke of Charlotte International Airport, the conference highlighted the challenges and opportunities that face aviation today. The … Read More

Setting goals supports change…moving the dots on the Balance Exercise

For those who attended the WAI The Fuel You Need; below is an excellent article on goal setting. A good read and helpful as you begin to move the dots on your weight and balance towards a center that works … Read More

So You’ve got the Fuel You Need…Where to from here?

What an honor for me to stand before such an inspirational group of 500 men and women in Reno, Women in Aviation International. I was so touched by the willingness of so many to share and participate; what amazing stories … Read More

Change & Kindegarten

The only person that I can change is ME! And try as they may, others cannot make me change if I don’t make that decision myself. For leaders, this is a critical thing to understand because in their capacity ,they … Read More

Attention all Leaders Watch this video