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Well…after 2 years of writing and submitting proposals to Agents & Publishers …and after two years of research and writing…and re- writing…and re-writing; 3 big edits and 7 total, “LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP, 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership” is two weeks from … Read More

Follow Your Heartbreak: Liftoff Leadership response to David Brook’s Op-Ed NYTimes May 30 “It’s Not About You”

LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP Betty Shotton North Carolina May 31st, 2011 1:14 pm NYTimes Op-ED David Brooks Over the past few weeks, America’s colleges have sent another classof graduates off into the world. These graduates possess something of inestimable value. Nearly every … Read More

THE BOOK is Becoming REAL

Here is the cover to my upcoming leadership book; LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership Publisher Beaufort Books ; PR Monteiro & Co Will be featured at the Book Expo of America May 24-26 Javitts Center New york New … Read More

Meaningful Leadership is a MUST

Meaningful Leadership Leaders have a profound and powerful influence on the trajectory of our futures. The dominant leadership model that we have operated under for the past three decades is that financial success is the #1 determinant of overall success. … Read More

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The future of Aviation in North Carolina

I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the annual conference for the North Carolina Association of Airport Executives. Led by organizational President Mark Wiebke of Charlotte International Airport, the conference highlighted the challenges and opportunities that face aviation today. The … Read More


THIS IS A WORTHWHILE READ FOR LEADERS…SAVE MONEY BY CARING; THE VALUE OF YOUR TIME AND ATTENTION TO YOUR STAFF When Money Doesn’t Matter Think for a minute: would you rather have a raise or a weekly one-on-one meeting with … Read More

It ALL Starts at the TOP! LOL response to HBR post The Best Way to Discuss Ethics

By Betty Shotton, CEO LiftOFF Leadership, Llc No one that I know of really likes rules and codes…that is one of the reasons that I think values and ethics are poorly integrated into business.They are too codified and BORING Ethics … Read More

So You’ve got the Fuel You Need…Where to from here?

What an honor for me to stand before such an inspirational group of 500 men and women in Reno, Women in Aviation International. I was so touched by the willingness of so many to share and participate; what amazing stories … Read More

INTEGRITY The Super Glue for Leadership Character & Conduct

INTEGRITY: The Super Glue for Leadership Character & Conduct Betty Shotton LiftOFF Leadership   When astronauts are launched into space, they are trusting in the structural integrity of their spacecraft. They are also depending on the fundamental integrity of the … Read More

Making Leadership Values…uhhhh…actually Valuable!

Making Values Valuable By Betty Shotton on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 10:40am When the subject of values comes up in business and corporate planning, you can feel the suppressed yawns… Values like integrity are introduced into conversations when it … Read More