LiftOFF Leadership, 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership

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Liftoff Leadership: 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership by Betty Shotton In Liftoff Leadership, Betty Shotton draws on her 35 years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur, and pilot to chart a new course for leaders. She believes that numerical measures of success and financial acumen alone are not enough. We need leaders with strength of character and unshakable principle.

Liftoff Leadership calls for a return to leadership attributes that have enabled mankind’s greatest achievements and defined its most exceptional leaders. Chapter by chapter, Shotton examines 10 powerful principles such as vision, accountability, and altruism within the context of today’s business and economic environments. She uses her own experiences in business, first-person tales from the cockpit, and a series of thorough checklists to help readers examine and improve their own leadership style. This powerful, provocative book is a game changer for leadership, a book every leader needs to read.

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