LiftOFF Leadership KEYNOTE
Based on the book LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP: 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership

Leaders have a significant impact on people’s lives. Think back on your own career and recall the positive effects of a great boss or the damage wrought by a terrible one—being a leader can have powerful consequences.

In LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP Betty Shotton shares her insights into the important role leaders have in shaping the future. Based on her book,” LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership”, Ms. Shotton takes audiences on a flight into their own character; an exploration of what gives meaning and purpose to their leadership and lives.

Drawing from her 35 years’ experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and pilot, she weaves insight and theory with personal tales from the cockpit and the Corner office, motivating leaders to raise their standards for measuring success. She asserts that the true measure of successful leadership extends beyond profits to include the quality of the lives and livelihoods of those you lead.

Walk out of this presentation with your wings in a takeoff position for higher altitude leadership. It’s time to return to the fundamentals of what is meaningful and of benefit to the human side of the balance sheet. And it starts with you.

“We came to America for the American dream…to do good and to make good.”
— K.R. Sridhar, CEO Bloom Energy

LiftOFF Leadership: Six Stages to High-Altitude Leadership

With a commitment to having leaders step up to their potential, Betty Shotton, veteran CEO and author, delivers a powerful message of accountability and opportunity. In Six Stages she launches participants into an exploration of what is possible, and guides them to place these ideas into the practical context of their lives and careers. If you want your group or team to rise above stubborn challenges and explore solutions that defy gravity, Six Stages is the rocket fuel you need. Interactive, practical and hands on. 2 hours

LiftOFF Leadership: Defying Gravity

How do you rise above the weight of your responsibilities and break the chains that hold you back? In the face of persistent setbacks, seemingly unsolvable problems and worrisome personnel and personal issues, how to you find the strength to overcome limitations, move through fear and face the specter of failure?

In this 25 minute motivational presentation, Betty reminds us of what it takes to defy our own unique forces of gravity and how to develop the requisite courage to take tackle stubborn challenges. She stresses the benefits of difficulty, challenge and failure as a means towards reaching higher altitudes and a mark of courageous leadership.

LiftOFF Leadership: The Fuel You Need To Reach High Altitudes

In the face of change, when you get to detours, when you feel like you’ve hit a dead end, what do you do? What do you stand for? In this interactive one to two -hour session, former CEO and veteran entrepreneur Betty Shotton takes leaders on a flight towards higher altitudes of meaning, purpose and contribution. Through identifying their finest attributes and guiding principles, participants begin to build a solid foundation from which to rise above the pressures and stresses of today’s complex and rapidly changing world.  Discussion, self-assessment and inspiration leave participants with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to their role as a leader. 2 hours

LiftOFF Leadership: The Value of Values

Leaders have the responsibility and the power to influence individual lives and to affect positive societal change. To do so, one must begin with a clear understanding of guiding principles and foundational values. These short presentations take an in-depth look at classic leadership values: integrity, altruism, courage, resolve, vision, faith, balance, accountability, possibility, awe and love. Through the use of inspirational stories from the boardroom to the cockpit, Betty Shotton draws from her experience as a CEO and pilot to elevate the understanding of each attribute within the context of leadership. Determine which values you want to emphasize for your leadership team: choose one or combine values important to your organization. Participants will leave with a renewed and empowered perspective. These presentations are based on Ms. Shotton’s book, “LiftOFF Leadership: “10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership.” (Beaufort Books, 2011).

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: Finding Balance in Leadership

The consequences for pushing the envelope and going over the edge in an airplane can be dire. People, like airplanes also have limits. But sometimes our limitations are not as clear cut.

In this session Ms. Shotton talks about the importance of balanced leadership and leads participants in an exploration of their lives and careers. Where are they approaching the edge? Are there places where they are actually teetering or are over the edge? Where are they in or out of balance?  Intriguing and insightful Pushing the Envelope provides participants with their own “envelope” and guides them in an assessment of their state of balance.


From Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman to Sallie Ride and Eileen Collins, women have bravely demonstrated the strength, the commitment, and the spirit to fly into adventures and challenges in the face of naysayers and insurmountable obstacles. What did aviation mean to these women and other pioneering female aviators? How have their daring feats contributed to the lives of so many people throughout history?
What do their examples offer to the lives of women today? What do they teach us about our own unique possibilities and our capacity to achieve higher altitudes? Commercial pilot and CEO Betty Shotton shares her experiences as a “first woman” in a man’s world of business and aviation as an example of what a gift adversity can be.

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