What Audiences Say

"Executives and Leaders are besieged with people who have a “better mousetrap” message to share, but I highly recommend you take a look at Betty Shotton, as a keynote leadership speaker.  She’s inspirational, concise, professional, results-oriented, and brings a great message to her audiences."

"I came with no expectations and left moved in an indescribable way."

"I have learned many new ways to look at obstacles; as the wind needed to create the lift I need for exciting changes."

“I want more presentations by Betty Shotton. Phenomenal speaker and person.”

“The SIX STAGES to High Altitude Leadership really made an impact on me personally. I will refer to these principles in the future as I tackle goals that have eluded me.”

“This speech confirmed my level of determination and commitment to my current job and projects.”

“The organization of the material promoted organized thinking about the material.”

“I feel like I am in kindergarten with a fresh pair of eyes.”

“Betty is a wonderful speaker! She really made me think, helped me plan and execute in my mind how to be a better leader. Great job!”

“The Six Stages are concise & simple; your style, motivational. Thank-you for coming out West!”

“Your presentation was fantastic!”

“I liked the speaker's clarity and enthusiasm and appreciated her involving the audience.”

“From this presentation I can now refocus my current efforts and go forth.”

"Betty is a wonderful speaker who makes everyone feel at home."

"You have made me open my eyes and realize that what I want in life really can happen."

"Great presentation! I realized the need to interact with others and to see outside of my box."

"The speaker's enthusiasm boosted my own."

"This was the best seminar I have attended anywhere, anytime."

"Thanks for inspiring me with your book. Your guidance has taken the fear out of having employees and turned it into excitement."

"I met Betty Shotton yesterday at Rotary, as she was our program speaker. I, and much of our audience, was captivated by her presentation, working from few notes and no pictures and/or PowerPoint. She succeeded in keeping everyone awake and highly engaged." 

"I have enjoyed “LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP” more than any other leadership book I have read. I really like the examples, explanations and the step-by-step kind of approach to learning. It gives me something to look back at and go "ahhh" or "oops". I am nearing 60 and realize now that I am just turning a corner and winding up! My staff has really seen a new improved leader. One of my team said today that they always felt that I was the champion of our team but now they feel I am at the plate with the biggest bat and ready to hit that home run! Thanks I never knew I had it in me! As soon as I finish your book I am giving it to any of my staff who want to use it, not just read it."

"This was my favorite session of the whole conference!"

"She was very approachable and interesting to talk to after the session as well as fascinating during the session."

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