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A SEVEN MINUTE VIDEO EVERY LEADER SHOULD WATCH Make sure to watch it full screen by clicking on the bottom right corner.

INVESTOR’S DAILY Interview with Betty Shotton, Author of LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP 9-30-2011

When you hold yourself and others accountable for actions good or bad, you build a culture where people don’t make excuses. They’re able to reach their full potential. “It’s essential to investigate causes (of problems), but not to blame anyone … Read More


THE PERFECT LEADER? When I was researching current leaders that exemplified the attributes I was writing about for LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP, I repeatedly ran into a dilemma. It seemed that just as soon as I had found a great example of … Read More

Leadership’s Role in Shaping Our Future

Balance is a universal law and when extremes are reached, forces will appear to level the playing field whether those fields are financial systems, governments, societies, or the environment. We are witnessing pervasive imbalances in all corners of society worldwide and … Read More

What’s Up with Leadership (lack of) in Washington?

Two key principles for effective leadership are missing from the cast of elected characters in Washington: authenticity and altruism. Authenticity : Human beings intuitively sense when someone is superficial; saying something that sounds good but disguises underlying truths. From listening to the rhetoric of … Read More


The strength and potential of anything or anyone is relative to its foundation. This is as true for a leader as it is for an organization, a political system, a house or a skyscraper. Our political system for example no longer seems … Read More

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Well…after 2 years of writing and submitting proposals to Agents & Publishers …and after two years of research and writing…and re- writing…and re-writing; 3 big edits and 7 total, “LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP, 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership” is two weeks from … Read More

Meaningful Leadership is a MUST

Meaningful Leadership Leaders have a profound and powerful influence on the trajectory of our futures. The dominant leadership model that we have operated under for the past three decades is that financial success is the #1 determinant of overall success. … Read More

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It ALL Starts at the TOP! LOL response to HBR post The Best Way to Discuss Ethics

By Betty Shotton, CEO LiftOFF Leadership, Llc No one that I know of really likes rules and codes…that is one of the reasons that I think values and ethics are poorly integrated into business.They are too codified and BORING Ethics … Read More

INTEGRITY The Super Glue for Leadership Character & Conduct

INTEGRITY: The Super Glue for Leadership Character & Conduct Betty Shotton LiftOFF Leadership   When astronauts are launched into space, they are trusting in the structural integrity of their spacecraft. They are also depending on the fundamental integrity of the … Read More