Welcome to LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP, an organization where leaders connect to meaning and purpose as they navigate the turbulent and volatile business and economic challenges of our day.

Join nationally acclaimed leadership author and speaker Betty Shotton on a journey into your unique leadership character. Take a step back and gain insight into the values and attributes that give rise to your greatness.

Start your journey by asking yourself these simple questions:
Who am I as a leader?
What gives meaning and purpose to my life and my leadership?
What are my TOP FIVE leadership values?

When all is said and done, you will be remembered for the contributions that you make to the lives of those who follow and the communities that you serve.

Step up to the Launchpad and get ready for higher altitudes. Take the LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP PreFlight Value Clarification and get ready to SOAR!

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Glad that excellent reporters like Steve Watkins of Investor’s Business Daily write articles on the meaningful, qualitative aspects of business and leadership. And appreciate his inclusion of my insights. Take a look at this one on Accountability: Take Responsibility Instead Of Blaming Others

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