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The story continues. Banks and investment firms put their own interests and wealth accumulation  before the needs of their clients and customers. Despite public outrage at the reckless and self serving behavior that has unfortunately come to characterize many at … Read More

Three Attributes to Overcome Fear and Move through Setbacks

I watched President Obama’s TV address this afternoon and was gratified to hear him cite the important role of values in the conduct and character of our elected officials, in our men and women who serve in the military and … Read More

MBA Programs and Ethics: The Need for Values

When MBAs enter the job market and move into positions of leadership, a sense of their unique values and attributes can make a significant impact on the quality of their leadership and those affected…employees, customers, shareholders. As it stands, I … Read More

Leadership Lessons from the Lehman Collapse

In Response to: When Lehman’s Fall Called Capitalism into Question 8:24 AM Wednesday September 15, 2010 by John Paul Rollert Today marks a grim anniversary. It was two years ago on this day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, an … Read More

Do you think we are experiencing a Crisis in Leadership?

I do and would love to get the opinions of others. And I’m not talking about just the Presidency or big name/high profile names like Fuld or Madoff or Lay. I believe that we are experiencing a growing public lack of … Read More

Goldman Sachs Viniar and others are LOST

Regarding the Senate Hearings on Goldman Sachs April 27, 2010 I watched the Senate hearings re Goldman yesterday ; at one point Levin asked David Viniar several times to address how a “human” might feel or respond to being sold … Read More