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COUNTING & CARING A Winning Combination for Leadership Success

I can’t prove it, but I suspect that in 1985 I was the only MBA, Fortune 500 trained, CEO in Duck, North Carolina. Back then Duck was still a sleepy, small seaside town. But things were about to change. A … Read More


WHERE IS THE CG? The Leadership Challenge of Finding Balance There are lots of critical numbers in aviation; airspeed, stall speed, never exceed speed, magnetic headings, engine temperatures…there are hundreds of numerical indicators that keep planes and passengers aloft and … Read More

Join Me for “A Journey to Exceptional Leadership” Webinar this Friday

The University of Virginia has a Friday Forum webinar series. Join me this Friday February 17th from noon to 1pm for a look at your unique leadership character. Gain insights as to what makes you exceptional. http://www.alumni.virginia.edu/career/events/webinars.aspx Here is the … Read More

Interview with Wayne Turmel of The Cranky Middle Manager Show

This was a FUN interview for me. Wayne has a down to earth, practical and humorous approach to doling out advice for leaders and managers. Click on the link below to hear our recent interview about the book, courage and … Read More

INVESTOR’S DAILY Interview with Betty Shotton, Author of LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP 9-30-2011

When you hold yourself and others accountable for actions good or bad, you build a culture where people don’t make excuses. They’re able to reach their full potential. “It’s essential to investigate causes (of problems), but not to blame anyone … Read More


The strength and potential of anything or anyone is relative to its foundation. This is as true for a leader as it is for an organization, a political system, a house or a skyscraper. Our political system for example no longer seems … Read More

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Well…after 2 years of writing and submitting proposals to Agents & Publishers …and after two years of research and writing…and re- writing…and re-writing; 3 big edits and 7 total, “LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP, 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership” is two weeks from … Read More

THE BOOK is Becoming REAL

Here is the cover to my upcoming leadership book; LIFTOFF LEADERSHIP 10 Principles for Exceptional Leadership Publisher Beaufort Books ; PR Monteiro & Co Will be featured at the Book Expo of America May 24-26 Javitts Center New york New … Read More

MBA Programs and Ethics: The Need for Values

When MBAs enter the job market and move into positions of leadership, a sense of their unique values and attributes can make a significant impact on the quality of their leadership and those affected…employees, customers, shareholders. As it stands, I … Read More

Attention all Leaders Watch this video